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Recent rumors regarding the latest Grand Theft Auto developments say that Rockstar – the company responsible for the franchise – has already begun working on the 6th instalment and that the setting in this next game won’t be in the US.

It’s also rumored that the next game in the series will feature larger maps and better game play and graphics.

Rockstar is believed to had previously set the game for Tokyo but had dropped it soon after because it did not seem to be the right place for the game, according to Game N Guide.

However, other rumors state that Rockstar dispatched development team to Tokyo to take pictures and to see if the area can be incorporated into the game.

They are also believed to have been immersing themselves into the Japanese culture for a more realistic portrayal.

Some fans believe that Rockstar will indeed make a GTA Tokyo because that is one of the names that the mother company of Rockstar games filed for as a trademark in 2003, along with other titles such as GTA:Bogota and GTA: Sin City.

On the other hand, some fans are very sceptical about the GTA Tokyo hypothesis because setting the game there would imply a different tone and a change of the car brands.

GTA 5 Cheats notes that it’s very possible that Rockstar will set the game in Boston because it’s a city with a more suitable vibe for the game.

So far there haven’t been any official statements regarding this next GTA instalment, but we may know more after the E3 in 2016 which is scheduled to start on the 14th of June, in Los Angeles.


The last GTA instalment was an extremely profitable one (it sold 1 billion units in the first three days) but it was released three years ago so it’s about time we see something new. And if we are to follow the game release patterns for the franchise, we might see the game sometime in 2018.

Techradar speculates that Rockstar begun working on the game in March, 2017 for Xbox One and Play Station 4, but other tech blogs believe that GTA 6 will be launched after Xbox Two and Play Station 5 are introduced, which is rumored to happen in 2020. In that case, we may have to wait another four years for GTA 6.

Other cool but very unlikely features that were rumored for GTA include characters voiced by Hollywood actors Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling, using the terrorist Osama bin Laden as a character which will be the target in Bonus International Missions, soundtracks made by Drake. The last one is partially supported by the last cover for the artist’s album which features graphics similar to those in the loading screen for GTA games.

These rumors have not been confirmed or mentioned in any way by Rockstar.