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It’s time for another special week in GTA 5 and GTA Online. This time, it’s “Capture Week,” with all of the content focused on Capture Jobs. Capture Week lasts from May 20 through May 26.

Double RP and Double GTA$

For starters, you’ll earn Double RP and Double GTA$ for any Capture Job you play during the week. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rockstar-created, Verified, or any Capture Job created by other players. They’ll all award you double RP and GTA$.

Rockstar has also set up two special Capture Playlists, one for the first half of the event and the other for the second half:

  • From May 20th – May 22nd: a 16-player Double GTA$ & RP Playlist that contains GTA: All Abhorred, Contend: Townhall Trinity, and Raid: Wargames.
  • From May 23rd – May 26th: an 8-player Double RP Playlist that contains Contend: Condo-monium, GTA: Grab a Cab, and Hold: Freight Fight.


In addition to the Double RP and Double GTA$ events, Capture Week also includes several discounts:

  • If you want to travel the skies in style, the golden Luxor Deluxe is 50% off.
  • If you plan to travel by land instead, both the basic Kuruma as well as the Armored Kuruma are also 50% off.
  • Maybe you already have the vehicles you want and just need to improve them a little bit. If so, you’re still in luck, because select Engine mods, Turbo mods, and Brakes are 50% off.
  • All GTA Online: Heists Clothing is 50% off, and Heists Outfits are also discounted up to 50% off.
  • Finally, explosives have also received the 50% off treatment, a discount which covers Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mines, and Rockets.


One last bonus is available as a part of Capture Week, an exclusive in-game T-shirt you get just for playing the game. All you have to do is log in at some point during Capture Week, and you’ll receive the “Meltdown” T-shirt for your character.

From now until May 26, it’s Capture Week in GTA Online. It may not be the major GTA 5 DLC fans have been hoping for, but the bonuses and discounts are still a nice touch. Have you been enjoying these regular, week-long GTA 5 events, or would you rather something more?