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RPGs tend to be among the most story-driven games, perhaps the most story-driven of all genres except visual novels. However, not all RPGs are that way, and the Elder Scrolls series stands out as one where a majority of fans don’t play for the stories.

Rather, they play Elder Scrolls games for the freedom they allow. They want to customized their character and experience, explore the open world, and enjoy a variety of missions that may or may not tie into the main campaign. As celebrated as these games are for many elements, their plots are rarely held up as one of the main reasons to play them.

Despite this, the Elder Scroll series actually has a sizable amount of lore and an established universe. Between the quests, in-game books, and other content within the games, players can learn a lot about Tamriel and its world. Some players don’t pay much attention to the lore, preferring to focus on other aspects of the game, while others gather every piece of lore they can find and try to understand the world as best as possible.

As we look ahead to The Elder Scrolls 6, the lore of the series plays a big role in some of the theories. When it comes to potential settings of The Elder Scrolls 6, for example, players look toward the regions’ histories, races, and even specific plot events from earlier events to judge where the next game might take place.

After Skyrim, some people questioned whether the next game in the series should be more story-driven. A story-driven Elder Scrolls 6 is unlikely, because the series has been successful without that approach. However, The Elder Scrolls 6 will contain a new main quest, new characters and side quests, and new pieces of lore that further expand the universe.

How much does the Elder Scrolls lore matter to you, or interest you? When The Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, will you be interested to learn more about the setting and overall world, or is that something you’ll overlook in favor of other parts of the game? Let us know in the comments.