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As many of you already know, Adobe is continuously releasing new updates for its Flash Player, as this application is still full of bugs and security issues. Unfortunately for Adobe, this is too late, as HTML5 is already making its way to the top, which means that it is a matter of time until Adobe Flash Player will completely die. Google has already announced that the Chrome browser will soon stop supporting Adobe Flash Player, and this might rush things up.

However, today we will talk about the new Adobe Flash Player version that has been released for Windows and Mac. First of all, you should know that this new security patch is fixing 25 security issues that the Flash Player has, which includes the one that was exploited by hackers to deliver malicious advertises.

In concordance with Adobe, the May security patch for its Flash Player is very important, as it comes with fixes for many security vulnerabilities on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. It is good to know that the latest Adobe Flash Player version will be automatically updated in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

The Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded right now for free. There are many hackers who are targeting ColdFusion installation occasionally, which means that it is very important for your security to install the latest Flash Player version on your Windows PC or Mac.

Make sure that you download the latest Adobe Flash Player version from the official Adobe website (, as there are many fake websites out there which make you download malware to your computer and hackers could steal important data from you.

Have you installed the latest Adobe Flash Player on your computer? How long do you think it will take HTML5 to replace the Adobe Flash Player?