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As it seems, WhatsApp is full of surprises for its users. The developers are already on the brink of launching a new feature, video calling, update that will bring it closer to its competitors (Skype, Facebook or FaceTime).

This update has been something people were rumoring about for quite some time, but it seems that the waiting is slowly approaching an end. Some beta testers reported these days that they saw a video calling option. This can only mean that the developers are prepared to complete their instant messaging app with more and more useful features.


Despite all this, video calling is not yet functional on the app. Another beta version has appeared, but without any sign of this particular feature. There have also been some leaked screenshots related to video calls made via WhatsApp, but we currently have no further information on it.

What we know for sure is that WhatsApp is making some serious changes when it comes to their app and is heading towards an integrated app, just like its rivals. Many people are curious about this, since it seems natural that they would want to compete and add video calling to their features too.

This month, the developers have released some new desktop apps too, after users have been expecting them for quite some time. As such, people who use Windows 8, 10 or the Apple OS X could use the app directly, without third-party apps like they did until then.

Moreover, there are some other leaks that point towards another surprising feature they plan to introduce in their app: voicemail. Apparently, this would be available both for Android and the iOS version and will complete the entire range of services WhatsApp will provide for its users.