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Just recently, the Google Play Store has been upgraded to the 6.7 version. It included some improved access to betas and besides, some beta feedback, additions that were quickly taken back, most likely because they were released too early. Finally, Google has released some information about the betas and also some other good features to come for Play Store.


Other good news is the fact that you will have better access to betas. You will be prompted with a box when you enter Play Store and you can access beta tests more easily. You will also see in the search results apps that are currently just betas. Moreover, you will be able to send feedback in private to the developers, if you are enrolled in a beta.

There is also an entirely new section called Google Play Early Access, where you will see upcoming apps, though they are not released yet and are in the beta versions.

Another new thing is the Collections feature. Instead of seeing related apps or what others have installed on their phones, now you will get apps that are relevant in the context for you. For instance, if you are looking for a house using an app, you will also get some suggestions about mortgages apps or finding other real estate.

Developers also get to enjoy some new features, one of which is the pre-launch report. If you’re a developer, you have to enable it in the dashboard, and after that you will get to see your bugs or problems even before you release your app. It is based on a new platform called Firebase, and it diagnoses crashes, it warns about vulnerabilities it detects or it makes a summary of the issues.