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The Google I/O developer’s conference has kicked off yesterday and will end tomorrow. The company had many announcements to make, related to the upcoming Android N, which still doesn’t have a name, but which is now available as beta, and at the same time, Google is preparing two new products: the messenger Allo and the Echo-like speaker Home. But more about Google’s plans we’ll tell you below.

Daydream, The Mobile VR Platform

Google has built it on top of Android N and will not compete with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, which depend on a computer to work. The upcoming Android OS will have a VR Mode and with the Daydream headset, users will enjoy watching videos in virtual reality, directly from their phones.


The software will have a home screen with apps, including VR versions of YouTube, Street View, Google Play Store, Play Movies and Google Photos. HBO, Netflix and other companies are now developing their own VR versions for Daydream, and Google has specified that Daydream-ready phones will be released this fall.

Android N Will Be Smarter And Faster

The first Android N Developer Preview was released in March and owners of the eligible devices included in the program had access to the upcoming features: split-screen, direct reply notifications and bundled notifications, new emoji and more.

Google will allow users to have better control over their devices, the batteries will have a longer life because of the improved Doze mode and Vulkan will be a new API that will give developers the possibility to directly control a phone’s GPU in order to provide sharper 3D graphics.

Google’s New Allo Messaging App

Likewise on WhatsApp, Allo users will sign in with their phone number, but they have also the option to sign up by connecting to their Google accounts. The new messaging application offers custom stickers and allows users to draw directly on photos or to control the font size of their messages.


Allo has also Google Assistant, which users can find useful when they are not in the mood to write, but they must reply to senders, as this feature will generate replies. Messages are end-to-end encrypted messages, incognito mode, private notifications and expiring messages.

Google Home, The New Home Assistant

This is a small speaker similar to Amazon’s Echo, which has always-listening microphones and it integrates into many services, providing answers to questions and executing commands, but it depends on Google’s Assistant technology to understand the queries. The device looks like a cylinder, it has a rounded top and a speaker at its base and it can connect to multiple devices in different rooms.