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WhatsApp is currently the most used IM application, spread across all three of the major operating systems for smartphones, whether you’re on iOS, Android or Windows, you can get the WhatsApp application directly from your app store.

Apart from the major operating systems, WhatsApp also supports BlackBerry as well as older Nokia phones which run on Symbian.

WhatsApp is also available on computers and pretty much anything that has a web browser, this however is a little limited because of the fact that you’ll still need the app to be installed on your phone in order to use WhatsApp.

Let’s talk about some of the viable alternatives to WhatsApp.


It’s an application which started alongside WhatsApp, it’s capable of pretty much the same functions that WhatsApp is able to provide, although most of the functions that WhatsApp has were first introduced in Viber.


Quite a lot of people still use it and if you and your friends want to switch away from WhatsApp, this is definitely a good alternative. It’s available on all the operating systems out there.


Google’s Hangouts on the other hand is an application which is of pretty much every Android device out there, it has a functioning web version as well as applications available for download on Andriod and iOS.


Quite a lot of Google applications aren’t available on Windows and Hangouts is no different. it’s still an easy to use, all-in-one texting and instant messaging application.

Facebook Messenger

Yes, Facebook has a completely separate application for messages, the drawback of using this application are simple, you’re going to lose your anonymity, they’ll know all the information you’ve shared publicly if they’re not in your friends list.


On the side of features, the Facebook Messenger isn’t lacking at all, it has everything one can ask for from an IM application along with the ability to make group conversations and share files, you can also access it through any computer with a browser, it’s basically Facebook’s messaging services.


Perhaps one of the most underestimated communication app out there, Skype has been connecting people with one another long before WhatsApp was born, it’s available on pretty much every operating system regardless of whether or not it has cellular network support, your device will be able to run Skype so long as there’s an internet connection.


This app has pretty much everything, private chats, group conversations, private and group calls, video conferences, all one can ask from a WhatsApp alternative.

Another benefit of using an application like Skype is that you won’t have to give another person your phone number to chat with them.



Available on Windows, Android, iOS as well as on any computer with a browser, LINE is another application which is able to perform pretty much all the tasks that WhatsApp can do, arguably better.

It comes with a mini social network inside the app, you’re able to post your daily activities and other people in your contacts can see it, the app also allows you to make calls internationally for pretty low rates, LINE to LINE calls via the internet are always free.