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Fans of The Elder Scrolls series may have heard various rumors regarding a potential sixth game set for release later this year. However, there have been an array of reports that laid these rumors to rest – The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t likely to see a 2016 release.


It’s not surprising that TES fans want a new game, and were delighted to hear the rumors that suggested such a thing could happen. The rumors began after Bethesda, the developer of TES, tweeted a photo on their account about the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) 2016. The picture included a group of various game characters Bethesda has created, one character included in the photo came from TES.

It’s for this reason fans believed the TES 6 would be announced during the E3 event.

However, there are a number of signs that TES 6 isn’t going to be released this year, and suggested the earliest date a new TES game would be made available would be 2019.

The news is sheer disappointment to the franchise fans. Yet, thanks to Pete Hines, Bethesda Softworks’ vice president, said the company has invested itself to the Fallout 4 game right now but that TES 6 is going to eventually happen.  He said the company is focused on providing quality products, which means not rushing development on any games.


Hines said hinted TES 6 could be based in Skyrim land, which means it could be dubbed “Skyrim 2”. This is a huge hint since fans have wondered if the game would take place in Oblivion land or Morrowind land.

Of course, all news regarding TES needs to be taken with a grain of salt since nobody but Bethesda developers know what’s going to happen in TES 6… at least not until the game is actually released.