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As it seems, the developers at Bethesda have set the new Elder Scrolls in Black Marsh. Even though we don’t have an official confirmation at the E3 this year, the game is a sure thing. Moreover, it seems that this comes as a logical consequence of Elder Scrolls 5, since many people assume that now the developers will explore some new territories in Tamriel.


There are, of course, many speculations regarding the location, but it seems that the majority points to Black Marsh. There are also others who believe that Valenwood or Elsweyr are valid options. However, there are some sources that indicate the fact that Bethesda has filed patent for the name of Argonia, supposedly for the upcoming Elder Scrolls.

Starting from this, many fans drew the conclusion that perhaps the future game will focus on the Argonians that live on the Black Marsh. On the same note, perhaps the sequel will be called The Elder Scrolls 6 – Argonia.

Fans who are keeping an eye online for Bethesda may have noticed that they currently need a Quest Designer and have released a job ad. As we know, a rumored release date for the Elder Scrolls 6 is 2019, so perhaps the studios need more people to complete the game soon.

There’s really no surprise that people are so hyped about this release, if you think about the fact that Skyrim was the best sold game in the series. In Steam ranks, it’s placed on the 14th place, falling just behind Fallout 4. Moreover, Pete Hines (PR & Marketing PR) declared that the entire team does not want to hurry when making the sequels and that they want to design it as carefully as they did with the first games.