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The last update for Clash Royale came this month and now, there have been many more future updates announced. These updates may feature stronger new troops, like the ones that came with the last May Clash Royale update and one of them has already been launched on the 18th of May.

Clash Royale players must watch out

According to GottabeMobile, fans and game players should be ready for some changes in the game and consider some new strategies for their game as soon as possible, before these new features come in effect.

GottaBeMobile also mentioned that apart from the stronger and deadlier new troops, the updates will also come with a cut in the Freeze spell time so as to make the game harder and more competitive than it has been so far.

The May 18th update brings changes in terms of offence, as the game implies strategic movements, not playing on the defence like some gamers do. It’s very important that the players are encouraged to think about making the first move in the game, rather than wait for the opponent to do so.

Some changes to note

These changes are also stated on the site and apparently the Royal Giant damage will be reduced by 4 % because the hits it took so far have been too overpowering. The aforementioned changes in the freeze spell imply a cut of 1 second out of its duration which although seems very little, keep in mind that the Clash Royale fights last for about 3 minutes and every second of the game counts. Also, it might affect the Hog and Freed combination used on the battle field.

Other changes include Fire Spirits which will now be 25% in area damage and the Guards will reportedly be worse because they will have 8% damage and hitpoints increase.

The cute Lava Hounds and their Lava Pups hitpoints will increase by 3% and 9%.