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We all know that both Kaspersky Anti-Virus and the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus are great programs that help us keep our computers safe and sound. But since few people use them simultaneously, it’s time to decide which one would be better.

If you are wondering which of them is more reliable when it comes to malware detection, you have to know that there are labs in Germany (AV-TEST) and Austria (AV-Comparatives) that test various programs. How? Easy. They simply try to install as many malware as they can on the computers and see which antivirus program manages to fight them effectively.


Though the procedure is quite complicated, what you need to know is that Bitdefender got 4 100% detection rates in January and February tests made this year by AV-TEST on Windows 7. On the other hand, Kaspersky obtained only 3 top marks, detecting 99% of the malware back in February.

What is also important to note is the fact that none of them had any false positives (meaning they did not tag any good items as being malware).

Further back, in November and December last year, Bitdefender also got 3 perfect marks, detecting 99.9% of the malware, while Kaspersky got just 2 100% marks, with 97.5% of the malware detected. Then, Kaspersky had scored 0 false positives, but Bitdefender had registered one.

If we talk about the installation and use, you have to know that both of them have similar processes of installation of the product. However, they differ somewhat in their interfaces. What may turn out to be a problem is the fact that if you buy using a credit card, the subscription may renew itself automatically, charging you again when the times comes, without asking again for a permission. This is a feature some people complained about.