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Most people know that Adobe Flash Player hasn’t had much support from Android operating system since Flash version 11.1 was released. While a number of websites claims to provide apk files that can be installed onto a device, users need to be wary of these sites. After all, many of them contain malware that will infect a device.

If users want to install Adobe Flash Player but not through the company’s archive page, there are several third-party browsers that will allow them to safely view flash content through their Android device.


FlashFox is a favorite option to run Flash Player via Android devices – generally because of how it can effectively condense Flash content. When installed, it will run content automatically that needs this kind of platform.


This isn’t the ideal answer though because some content developed with versions newer than 11.1 isn’t going to work with the browser. On top of that, constant ad banners are extremely disrupting.


The Puffin browser is similar to the FlashFox browser in that it’ll run Flash-driven material immediately. It’s updated on a regular basis to support the newest Flash versions and it’ll rival the mouse and arrow keys in the overlay, making it feel like people are using a desktop computer.

While it’s completely functional, it does condense the Flash content that’s in the cloud, which causes choppy playbacks since the information is transferred from overseas. By reducing the quality of Flash within the browser settings, this becomes a non-issue.


Dolphin isn’t like Puffin or FlashFox; it doesn’t have Flash Player working by default. This mean users will have to go into the settings menu, tap “Web Content” and click “Always On” when on the Flash Player page.

In order to test whether or not it worked, users will need to visit a site that needs Flash Player. Or, they can wait until they naturally browse the Internet where they’ll be asked to download and install Adobe Flash Player. When asked, they’ll need to tap the “download” button. Users need to keep in mind that they may need to check the “Unknown Sources” button… accessible through the settings and security menus.


When it’s finished, they can visit and enjoy any site that needs Flash. Dolphin won’t work on a number of site but does offer a smoother experience. If used in conjunction with Dolphin Jetpack, the experience is only better.

If users have an older Android version installed, the browser mentioned above will give the results they need from Flash Player, letting them to have games, videos and all kinds of programs.