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Good news, folks! It seems that soon, we will be able to integrate apps from the Play Store on our Chromebook. Recently, the company had a speech at a developer conference, which lasted a couple of hours. However, they did not announce this upgrade there, but it was an interesting address nevertheless. For those of you who didn’t know, the Chrome software for the OS wasn’t integrated directly in Android.


The company had a breakout session on their website that let people test the apps for Chrome and even get some help with optimizing them for their own Chromebooks. They say that with this, they are working on incorporating the best mobile experiences in the entire world, meaning the Play Store and the Android apps, in the best browser ever, Chrome.

However, this wasn’t quite a surprise for fans that followed their activity recently, since last month there were some screenshot leaked. Moreover, they merely confirmed the rumors that have been circulating ever since last November.

Actually, there are some apps for Android that can run on Chromebooks. The ARC initiative, which stands for App Runtime for Chrome, the OS systems in Chrome can run around a dozen of Android apps, such as Duolingo (a language learning app) or Vine (the social video one). What’s good is that they run without any additional extensions or plug-ins, simply out of the box. Also, they appear as small windows, just like those on phones, on the display of Chromebooks.

Finally, there seems to be a positive response for this update made by Google. People are grateful for this change that makes their lives easier and, more than that, it is a step forward towards integrating more and more apps, which is a  true relief for users who rely more and more on different apps.