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Beta testing of Pokémon GO has been well-underway since March, with Japan taking the first round. It was further extended to Australia, New Zealand and, just recently, in the US.

Interested players can sign up at game developer Niantic Lab’s official website to register for an invitation. The registration, however, is not a guarantee for a slot in the testing field. Just in case you are given access, get your iOS or Android device ready. You should also prepare to keep mum about the entire testing, as it is critical to keep it confidential. According to Niantic, game data will be deleted several times while testing is ongoing.

pokemon-go-snorlax (1)

Because it is less likely for fans to get as much information about Pokémon GO, due to the confidentiality requirement, they can just settle on the sneak preview that Niantic has already shared in their blog.

The game is the next generation “Real World Gaming” platform that combines augmented reality with mobile location technology. This provides players a different gaming experience that goes outside of their mobile phone and spills into the real world. Pokémon GO players have to go outside to catch wild Pokémon that are found in their surroundings – the actual surroundings. For instance, they can catch Water-type Pokémon when they are near lakes and oceans.

Eggs, Poké Balls and other special items, on the other hand, can be found in interesting locations, such as museums, historical markers and public art installations. To hatch eggs previously acquired, players have to walk.

Something close to real-life battles will also be available in Pokémon GO. Players can battle over ownership and prestige of Gyms, such as PokéStops, by joining one of three teams, and battling it out in locations found in the real world.


You have to admit the game concept is unlike traditional mobile apps. It seamlessly combines virtual and real world, while giving Pokémon fans optimum level of fun, excitement and entertainment. It also breaks through the technology trap that keeps people locked inside their own world. Although the game is still done on mobile phone in general, there is now a link to the real world. Walking outside to hatch eggs is also the closest to working out that avid gamers get.

So, yes, people are all excited for Pokémon GO. It doesn’t even matter if they have to go out to look forPokéBalls, just as long as the full version is released.