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After a long period of waiting and frustrations, PC users have finally received a version of WhatsApp for desktop and they are very satisfied with how it works. Also, they’re happy because they no longer need to open a browser and connect to their accounts, as now, they just download the native app and scan the QR code with their phones’ camera, then start chatting with their friends.

Before, users had to open any of the supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge), to access and while to scan the QR code from the website using the phone’s camera. Now, the application for PCs can be downloaded from WhatsApp’s official website, but users still need to scan the QR code, because this is the only way conversations and messages from the phone will be mirrored and synced.

“Like WhatsApp Web, our desktop app is simply an extension of your phone”, said WhatsApp about the new release. Users are able to easily switch between conversations on both their computer and smartphone, as they are synced in real time, but if the user signs out from the phone, the connection will be interrupted.

However, compared to the web client, the desktop version of WhatsApp offers more advantages. Much longer messages can be written faster and even files and images are shared faster. And it’s easier to write messages to more contacts in parallel, because users can alt/tab between windows and they will keep up with multiple chats.

Users agree that WhatsApp for desktop is more responsive and the good news is that it benefits from end-to-end encryption as well. Developers provided keyboard shortcuts, desktop notifications and the document sharing feature, but some of the users didn’t like the verification part of the install.

WhatsApp is being updated regularly, and at this point, you can install 2.16.86 beta update directly from the Google Play store, but only if you become a tester.