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The last WhatsApp beta version 2.16.86 has brought a very annoying notification to the web client. What happens is that when you start WhatsApp Web, you receive a notification that the web client is ‘currently active’.

Why is it annoying? Because it stays there for a while and it re-appears when you switch to the WhatsApp Web tab. There is no way to actually disable it; it does, however, go away when you don’t use the Web client for a while.

The purpose of the notification is related to safety issues because maybe sometimes you forget you have your WhatsApp Web tab open and maybe somebody could just walk by and see you conversation, but since now it’s there, you can tap it and remember to end the conversation session and disconnect.

However, users have complained that it makes them believe for a moment that they have new messages even though they might not have them and forces them to click on it and it will also occupy a slot that is completely unnecessary in the notification dropdown. And these are just the problems you have when using the PC for the Web Client.

If you happen to be wearing an Android Wear Watch, the device will vibrate every time the notification shows up and that is very uncomfortable.

At this moment there is no way to actually get rid of it without getting rid of other WhatsApp notifications such as the very important ones like missed messages.

Therefore, it would be an awesome move if WhatsApp could consider making a disabling option for this notification in the near future, because some users are in now way concerned about that particular privacy issue or it just so happens that they are the only ones in the household with access to the WhatsApp Web Client.