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In times’ past, Adobe Flash Player was the biggest application to be used. After all, companies used it to stream their ads onto websites. It was used to stream both audio and video and carry out numerous rich Internet applications.

Today, developers are looking at other software and plugins that have no security issues or bugs. With all the security issues Adobe Flash Player has, it’s no wonder more and more people are moving away from it. The security issues enable hackers to gain entrance into computers or steal information.


Many well-known companies like YouTube have started using HTML5 instead of Flash Player. And, it won’t be much longer that more companies follow suit.

Of course, before it’s completely gone, it’s important that users update their Adobe Flash Player on a regular basis. The latest update from Adobe was released April 7, fixing a number of important vulnerabilities that was seen in the and early versions of the software.

How Can Users Install Flash Player Updates Right Away

In order for users to have the newest Flash Player on their computer, they must give Adobe permission to install its latest updates. Before anything else, users should go to Adobe’s official website ( to find out if they already have the latest version.


If the latest version isn’t installed, users are recommended to download it onto their computers and install it. Users are advised to use the recommended option “Allow Adobe to install updates”. By going with this direction, users will automatically get Adobe’s latest versions when they’ve been released. All users have to do after that is to install the latest version when prompted.