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Back in 1993 when Adobe first released the Portable Document Format (short PDF) file, they probably didn’t realize the extent to which the format would later become popular. In 2015 there were around 205 billion emails exchanged per day. 122 business emails were sent daily per user, with an obvious trend of rising to 246 billion total and 126 business emails daily per user towards the end of 2019 (as per

Needless to say, many business email contain PDFs in attachment, so just imagine the number of PDFs circulating the web!

Today we all know PDFs for what they are: easy to share and view on any computer, but hard to edit, used mostly to store old content, and difficult to work with in general unless you are reading an e-book. Well, you will be glad to know that those times have come to an end and now you can manipulate your PDF files with ease!

Here’s a list of the top 5 PDF to MS Word mobile app converters:

1.PDF to Word by Cometdocs

Cometdocs just came out with the 3.0 release of both their Word and Excel versions in early May. It is by far one of the best conversion tools in the business due to the quality of the end document. PDF to Word converts files quickly and with ease, and not only that, the number of conversions or file size are unlimited.


With this app you can convert the files you received straight from your Gmail account, or perhaps through one of the integrated online services such as Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. Converted files are exported as standard MS Word (.docx) format and ready for editing and reuse.

PDF to Word is available for iPhone and iPad via AppStore, and for Android devices via PlayStore. Cometdocs also offers the Word to PDF app in case you need to reverse the process.

2. Able2Doc

Investintech has recently updated their version as well, with a few neat additions to their mobile app. Able2Doc makes it as simple as it gets for their users to convert PDFs. All you need to do in order to start the conversion is locate the PDF file on your device and open it in Able2Doc and the app will start the conversion on its own.


Available on AppStore for years, recently it has been released for Android as well. Investintech redesigned the user interface in order to make it more user friendly.

So as of April, Able2Doc is most likely the best PDF converter offered on the Android market.

3. Easy PDF

easyPDF is one of the more versatile apps that found its way on this list. easyPDF is developed by BCL Technologies, known for their PDF solutions in the form of online tools, mobile apps and desktop software.


The reason why easyPDF dropped to #3 is the same as the one that put it up among the best: it really does a lot of things, but none of those quite perfectly. Another advantage that makes it superior to the previous two apps is that you can convert files back to PDF within easyPDF.

However, low conversion quality is enough to sometimes makes users switch to other resources, which is never good.

4. PDF to Word by Feiphone

PDF to Word by Feiphone is not to be mixed with the Cometdocs version of this app. Updated last time in January 2015, Feiphone is running late with the newest additions and features in the world of PDF conversion.


Even though this app is almost a year and a half behind its competitors, the engine powering this converter is by far the fastest converter on this list. Most conversions are done within 30 seconds, which goes for files up to 50 pages too.

PDF to Word has a built-in editor so that you may open the converted files in the app itself. You can also share and compress files to .zip in case you need to email them as soon as the app is done converting.

5. VeryPDF

VeryPDF came out with their very own PDF to Word app a couple of years ago, had a great start promoting the app and last year they published their second version which wasn’t very user friendly. Quality of conversion is very good, and besides Word files, you can convert PDFs to .rtf .txt .jpg and .png format.


What puts this app above others is that the output is well organized, sheets and content don’t change the layout, and the images and font style remain the same after conversion as if it was the original file. Another great side of this app is that it supports more than a dozen languages.

Head over to iTunes and Google Play Store to download these apps and see if our rating of them is accurate.