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Pokemon fans are excited about the upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon, and they’re digging everywhere they could to find clues about it. This curiosity and dedication has enabled many eagle-eyed fans to spot several hints that give players an insight into the game and let them know what to expect.

Different Battle Layout

One of these clues comes from Pokénchi, a popular Japanese show that focuses on all things Pokemon. In their latest episode, the show discussed a screenshot of a Pokemon battle from Sun and Moon, revealing a few details about the much-awaited game in the process.


The screenshot shows two Pokemon facing each other, one of which belonged to the player and the other to another trainer. This scene is familiar to those who have been playing Pokemon video games for some time since it’s similar to the format used in Pokemon X and Y.

But there are several differences: the camera, for example, is angled in a way that lets the player see the other trainer throughout the entire battle. This used to be impossible since, in previous games, players could only see their opponent before the battle started.

Another difference is that the screen now shows people standing on the sidelines and watching the battle. Pokemon fans know that this is the first time that bystanders are shown during the battles, although it’s unclear yet if they’re always present in all battles or only in specific areas or circumstances.

Clues about Starter Pokemon’s Evolutions

Another clue about Pokemon Sun and Moon comes a few tech-savvy people —like Redditor TheLagoon22 and YouTuber Pdwinnall — who went through the official Japanese Pokemon website and checked the source code that corresponds to the type of Starter Pokemon. Specifically, they found out that:

  • In Rowlet’s page, two lines of code ( and correspond to PNG images showing the Japanese characters for “Grass” and “Flying.”
  • In Litten’s page, one line of code ( corresponds to a PNG image showing the Japanese characters for “Fire”.
  • In Popplio’s page, one line of code ( to a PNG image showing the Japanese characters for “Water”.

Icon03” and “Icon06” are noticeably missing. TheLagoon22 investigated this matter and found out that corresponds to a PNG image showing the Japanese characters for “Ground”, while  corresponds to a PNG image showing the Japanese characters for “Fighting”.

These information can mean several things, but one of the most popular theories is that Rowlet will evolve in to a Grass/Flying Pokemon, Litten will evolve into a Fire/Ground Pokemon, and Popplio will evolve into a Water/Fighting Pokemon.


However, there are also the possibilities that it could be a ploy by the Pokemon site’s creators to throw curious fans off or even just a simple mistake by the web developer.