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Remember the good old days when nothing could beat the addiction you have from playing games on the Nintendo? From Super Mario to Crash Racing, the fun was guaranteed.

And ever since then, Nintendo hasn’t been much active on the scene – except for the Wii model. Game-wise, there wasn’t any novelty Nintendo would roll out for its old fans. However, this is about to change with Nintendo’s first-ever smartphone game.

Miitomo – Nintendo’s First Smartphone Game

The name is Miitomo, and it’s a smartphone game that you can download. Although its concept kind of existed before, this version is made by Nintendo – and opens up a new and wonderful universe in which you can customize the clothing, interactions and conversations with anyone with just your smartphone. Without any Mario or mushrooms, Miitomo is based on an entirely different concept.

And let’s face it – being the #2 most downloaded game in the App Store at the moment proves the addiction. Here is Miitomo’s official launch trailer:

Downloading the app is easy – it is available in the App Store and Google Play Store as well under the name Miitomo. And once you download it, you should create your own and unique character. A great thing is that you can use your selfie camera for that – but let’s not talk about the (ugly) results everyone gets.

Anyways, after you create your first  character, you should move on to customizing his or her personality and mannerisms and pick your character’s voice. When you are done with customizing, the action begins in a house where you make friends. This brings the social approach to the app and lets you talk to other people in a 3D version of your face (and body).

mii (1)

The exactly same concept by Nintendo was present with the Miiverse game on the Wii U and the Tomodachi Life on the 3DS. However, not everyone had a Wii or other Nintendo hardware at that time. The difference is that nowadays, everyone has a smartphone – and Nintendo’s Miitomo invites you to a lot of fun socializing and playing the game.

The best part comes even after you socialize. The app is packed with great features that start quizzing you about your food, life, your recent activities and more. There are some brilliant questions that let you interact with your phone and socialize with other people.

The bottom line is that Miitomo is definitely a groundbreaking return for Nintendo on the market. After all, they did hit a bulls-eye this time, creating an app that got millions of downloads.

You can now download Nintento Miitomo for Android and iOS and start the fun. Remember – it’s very addictive!