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The iPad Pro has a smaller version to it – a 9.7 inch tablet that is supposed to compete against its big brother – the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.  Which one is best for a user?

Notable Differences

The key difference is the display size with the most recent tablet being quite smaller. However, its size means the price is less too…by $200. If people will use the tablet on a daily basis, they may want the 9.7-inch tablet over the 12.9-inch one, which is created more for artists.


Design Differences

The only notable difference between the two tablets is that the 9.7-inch comes one additional color – rose gold. Otherwise, both tablets come in gold, silver and space gray and include multi-touch.

Feature Differences

Both tablets offer Apple Pay, Touch ID, Siri and an extended battery life. However, it’s the 9.7-inch iPad Pro with a 12MP camera (the 12.9-inch only has eight megapixels), it can take better pictures and videos and, with True Tone, it comes with a brighter display.


Price Differences

Since the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is smaller, the price starts at $599; the 12.9-inch version has a $799 price tag. Prices increases are possible and dependent upon the storage space size a user wants. The bigger the storage space, the higher the cost.

A USB power adapter and lightning-to-USB cable is available with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.