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iOS 9.3.2 was released three days ago and the oldest iDevices that support it are iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad Pro and the 5th generation iPod touch. Users should be prompted to upgrade, but if they don’t receive the notification, they can manually install the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. iOS 9.3.2 weighs 1.4GB on the new iPhone SE, 1.6GB on the iPhone 6 and only 50-80MB on the iPad 2 and iPhone 6S, which is a little odd. Unfortunately, some iPad Pro 9.7 owners have bricked their devices when trying to install iOS 9.3.2, getting an Error 56 notification that told them to connect to iTunes, but this didn’t help in most cases and after rebooting, the error returned.

Unfortunately for the iPad Pro 9.7 users, Apple doesn’t have a fix yet for this error, so they will need to wait until Apple will release a minor update as soon as possible. However, if we take a look at the official changelog for iOS 9.3.2, things look promising:

– there was an issue that caused some Bluetooth accessories to have audio quality problems when they were paired to an iPhone SE, and Apple has fixed this;
– another (fixed) issue was preventing users from looking up dictionary definitions;
– Also, users couldn’t type email addresses in Mail and Messages when using Japanese Kana keyboard and this issue has been solved;
– VoiceOver were hearing other than the Alex voice when punctuation or spaces were announced, and now, everything’s back to normal;
– MDM servers were prevented from installing Custom B2B apps and this is no longer a problem.

Ok, we agree that are more fixes than big problems, but Apple can’t ignore what happened to the iPad Pro 9.7 devices. The company hasn’t given a statement yet, but most likely, they will make some announcements in the next days.

At least the iPhone SE owners are very happy that the Bluetooth audio is now working well, so unless you have this smartphone, it’s better to wait for the next update. An emergency fix is expected to be released soon, and we’re pretty sure that Apple won’t want to receive more complaints from its users.