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A new personal assistant is about to be released by Google. This assistant makes use of artificial intelligence in order to get any answer possible for users and to control their devices.

This new assistant will do more than just tell you what the weather will be like, it will also make personalized recommendations on movies that you might want to see based on what you’ve liked so far, or on theatre plays and the list can go on. It will also show you reviews and even buy the tickets to the show for you.

Google plans on implementing this intelligent assistant into all types of devices such as smartphones, various home devices and even cars. But before that, it will be built into a very small device named Google Home which resembles Amazon’s Echo and its purpose is to have users ask it to do something. Also, it will be able to control various home entertainment devices.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, said during the I/O presentation that took part yesterday that the assistant will be a conversational one and will allow for a two-way dialogue and that people should consider it as building an individual Google for every user.

Another Google representative, Mario Queiroz, declared that he would like to interact with the Google Assistant when he walks into the house, but he would like to do it hands free. And that’s basically how they plan on building the system, as technology that will converse efficiently with all of the members of a household and manage their entertainment needs and everyday tasks.

It will also answer any questions you might have like the traffic situation on your route or how much calcium is in a glass of milk.

Right now, Google is working with third party devs to take port Google Home to other devices like phones and cars and basically make it available outside of the house.

However, it’s believed that Google Home will decrease sales in Amazon Echo, an analyst from Moor Insights and Stategy said as it can do more than the Amazon based system.

Also during yesterday’s conference it was announced that the Google Assistant will be incorporated into an upcoming chat app named Allo and a video chat app named Duo.