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Due to the latest app security changes, there’s been a rise in competition to provide users with private instant messaging. It’s an issue that’s been ongoing for several years now. And, the interest in security arose once more after WhatsApp included end-to-end encryption. Of course, this has led to a natural curiosity, which app is safer: Telegram or WhatsApp?

There’s no immediate agreement on picking an app that’s best for instant messaging. What is known is that WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram have developed programs that makes them safer than many others. But, these options apply only to the regular users; it doesn’t apply to enterprises.

Therefore, if a company needs to share a business strategy with partners or colleagues, it shouldn’t be shared via a tablet or smartphone since none of these apps will help protect the information.

  • WhatsApp only offers its services via Android or iOS apps – no desktop service available.
  • Telegram provides a secret chat option that includes end-to-end encryption but just for the smartphone app; it’s not included on the desktop version.
  • Signal does have an app for Chrome, but it’s in testing stages and only works when connected to an Android phone.

Another issue is the connecting a phone number to an instant messaging app. There’s no way to know who’s got access to the mobile app – if somebody can track users’ location using it or if a third-party entity can access it.  And, when it comes to business-related problems, it’s important to remember that many don’t have a separate personal and work phone, meaning they have to use their private phone for business purposes. And, that can be a real problem!