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If you have missed the latest Google I/O 2016 conference that happened yesterday, there is a lot to hear. And although we were prepared to see some new novelties by Google, the end result was even better. Google has announced so many new things this year and left us with our mouths open.

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So, what’s there to expect from Google this year?

The Groundbreaking News From Google I/O 2016

Let’s go over them one by one.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a ┬álot advanced version from the existing ‘Ok Google’ auto-responder. However, the bottom line remains the same – making it a natural extension of search. Packed with amazing ‘conversational understanding’ features, it can answer more complicated question, for example “At what time does the first game of the NBA finals start?” etc.

Google Home


Google Home is a speaker that everyone can implement in their own homes. It will serve as a portal into the Google Assistant experience – but also let you control every device in your home. For example, you can just say “play Deadpool on my TV”, and it will immediately start it.

Google Allo

Google has a new messaging app – and it’s called Allo. It seems that Google wants to dominate every single niche. Inspired by its pitfalls in the messaging space, it has launched a brand new messaging app named Allo.


The app has some neat features. The whisper/shout feature is one of the coolest ones. It simply lets you whisper or shout and changes the size of the letters as you speak. So, if you yell – it messages your friends in CAPS LOCK.

Google Duo

Duo is Google Allo’s sister app meant for video calling. Also announced at the Google I/O 2016, it is meant to revolutionize video calls. A new feature it is packed with is Knock Knock – letting the users see the incoming video call feed even before answering the call.

Google Daydream

Google has its fingers in the VR world as well. Its new VR platform is called Google Daydream. It is meant to standardize the mobile-based VR experience and innovate it with a special VR headset and controller.


However, google is still making these devices – and they will kick the market in the late summer this year.

Instant Apps

Want to use an app right away in the Google Play Store without even downloading it?

Instant Apps is one of the coolest innovations for the Play Store from the Google I/O 2016 Conference. It is all about improving the user experience – and saving the precious time and space for each user.

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