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Recently, Microsoft released the mobile version for the Windows 10 build 14342 to Windows Insiders. This is quite strange because a build with the same number for PC came to Windows Insiders about a week ago.

The 14342 build for mobile is very similar to the PC Windows 10 version that rolled out last week. The only one noticeable change is the removal of the Wi-Fi Sense. This will, however, also happen later this summer to the PCs once the Anniversary Update comes. Basically, this means that you won’t be able to share Wi-fi passwords but you will still be able to connect to Wi-fi spots found near you.

The Wi Fi Sense’s removal is somewhat justifiable for the Window 10 for PCs because it wasn’t really used even though it’s been around for about a year. But the situation for mobile users is slightly different. Apparently, it was the cost of keeping it combined with the low demand that led to the removal of this features, according to Gabe Aul from Windows Insider.

Web tweaks

This 14342 build also integrates a swipe navigation feature into Edge, which, as we all know, is a very useful thing on mobiles. This feature will allow users to swipe back and forth between the webpages that you’ve been on one tab. currently, you can only use the back button to go to a previous page on Windows 10 Mobile, and there is no option for moving forward to see the last page you viewed.

Furthermore, the build brings a feature that allows websites to redirect mobile users to an already installed app – Apps for websites. There is also a Feedback Hub is you want to try it.

Three of the phones that will be getting this Windows 10 Mobile 14342 build will be Blu Win HD LTE 150e and JR 130e, along with the Lumia Icon. However, Aul tweeted earlier this month that the Windows Insider updates will only come to the Verizon’s Icon mobiles.