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While WhatsApp has 1 billion active users, Telegram app has only 10 percent of its number, but while most of their features are similar and both applications provide end-to-end encryption, users of the latter application can send messages within secret chats can that can be deleted or optionally self-destruct. Now, a new feature has been introduced in Telegram, giving users the possibility to edit messaged after they’ve sent them.

Gmail has an undo sent messages option, which saves users from a lot of trouble if they send emails to the wrong people, or without editing eventual typos. This feature is missing from WhatsApp, but it’s not available in Telegram, an application with only 100 million active users. Gradually, their number will increase and developers will bring new features that will convince users of other applications to try out Telegram.

So, from now on, Telegram users have now the possibility to edit messages after they’ve been sent. “This works across all Telegram chats, including groups and one-on-one conversations,” has announced Telegram through a blog post.

In order to edit a delivered message, users will tap and hold on it, then select “Edit”. On PCs, there’s an up arrow on which users will click to change what they’re written. Edited messages will have a small “edited” label which will inform users when they’ve made the revisions.

Telegram already offered end-to-end encryption, a feature that WhatsApp has introduced at the beginning of April, and the desktop version has been released two years ago, alongside the mobile version for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

As for WhatsApp, it just received a new beta update (2.16.85) that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the video calling feature that was spotted in previous versions has been removed, which means that developers are not ready to release it. But they continue to test it until it will work without problems and they’ll introduce it in an upcoming update.