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For beta versions of the app, WhatsApp has released recently the option of video calling. Even though everybody got hyped about this, it seems that for now the developers are simply testing it. Several beta users reported that the feature keeps switching on and off repeatedly, which shows that they are still working on it.

However, this procedure is not that odd, given that they did the same when they released voice calling. Due to all these new features and releases, Whatsapp has really become popular and it’s currently one of the favorites when it comes to instant messaging.

A few days ago, they have just introduced the desktop app, which was anxiously waited for by millions of people worldwide. And now they release a beta version for video calling, which proves they are constantly working on improving their app. For now though, the version is accessible only for those who are beta testers on Google Play.

However, experts are expecting the final version to be released soon, according to the procedure WhatsApp followed when enabling the voice calling. Currently the developers are trying to minimize the data used by a call. Moreover, they want to make the app smooth in order to provide a call without lags or drops, together with encrypting the data and compressing it.

People will prefer this app because it’s easy to use and plus, it will reduce the costs of long-distance calls. Moreover, this one was one of the first apps that allowed people to use Internet in making calls. Continuing from the latest features they implemented, which were a success, it’s not going to be a surprise if the feature improves  a quality service. After releasing it, we can safely say that WhatsApp will become a sure competitor for Skype.