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Supercell, the makers of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, announced they expected fans and game players to make a commitment to the fair play mindset.  Supercell is completely against anyone using hacks, mods and bots, asking players to erase them from their devices so that games are played fairly.

Supercell has been clear about the issue, saying unapproved apps allowing users to influence gameplay is regarded as being third-party software. The company suggested players steer clear of programs, mods and bots that would alter progress or give players unearned materials.

Supercell is also dealing with the buying/selling of accounts as well as unauthorized gem selling.  While the use of hacks and bots are seen as one thing, giving out login information to attain gems or make progress can lead to losing access to the account or compromising it.

There are an array of downloadable mods and bots online via forums that have detailed YouTube videos that show folks how they can be used and win various perks and battles. And, Supercell has opted to fight against the problem, which could include:

  • Account suspension
  • Revoking of currency
  • Permanent ban of game play

In order to be a good game player, users need ignore all the hack videos and links and play the right and fair way. If a person is a real game player, there’s no need to use mods and bots to get ahead of their competition.