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Game developers usually keep their fans in the dark but, this time, it seems that a fan has turned the tables around and discovered a developer’s well-hidden secret through impressive data mining.

The data miner, who goes by the username “flashman7870”, posted a screenshot of Fallout 4’s game files on Reddit on May 15. The screenshot shows a highlighted line of code, which reads “DLCNukaWorld.eam” “DLCworkshop02.eam” and “DLCworkshop03.eam”.

Taken at face value, this line of code suggests that the next Fallout 4 DLC might be called Nuka World. Fans of Fo4 would most likely associate this with Nuka-Cola, a type of beverage found in the game world. As explained by Fallout Wiki, Nuka-Cola is a highly popular soft drink that could be found in numerous vending machines throughout the Fo4 landscape.

A lot of fans are wondering if the Nuka World DLC would introduce a theme park, perhaps even one that celebrates Nuka-Cola. If this happens, it probably would be compared to the real-life World of Coca-Cola theme park in Atlanta, Georgia, where visitors can see memorabilia and interactive exhibits about the world-famous soft drink. Considering the gloomy atmosphere of Fallout 4, though, it seems that a Nuka-Cola theme park (if there ever would be one) will be darker and more dangerous.

As of this writing, Fallout 4 developer Bethesda has not made any comments about the discovery of the probable Nuka World DLC. However, the game development company is due to attend E3, which takes place from June 14 to 16, and they’ll most likely make some announcements about their future releases.

In the meantime, Fallout4 fans can look forward to the latest DLC called Far Harbor, which is scheduled to be released worldwide on May 19. It’s currently the biggest ever expansion for Fo4 in terms of landmass and will be bigger in size than its older cousins at around 2GB to 3GB. (Automatron was only 1GB big and Wasteland Workshop even smaller at 100MB.)

Far Harbor will introduce an exciting storyline as well as more quests to undertake, more powerful weapons to acquire, and more dangerous creatures to face. Those who have tested the expansion say that it comes with 10 to 20 hours of side content and that it’s “scary” and “unnerving”.

Far Harbor will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and cost $24.99 when purchased alone. It’s also included in Fallout 4’s Season Pass, which costs $49.99 and gives subscribers access not just to Far Harbor but also to Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and future DLCs.

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