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Pokémon GO was said to be released sometime in summer 2016. Well, it’s already summer in other parts of the world and a release date is yet to be announced.

Following the first announcement, speculations swirled like a tornado, especially where real-time battles are concerned. Everyone is excited for it, including players who prefer RPG combat in general. Others, however, are worried that they would have to change their strategy in order to win the battle.

But would there be real-time battles when the game is released? Now is the best time as any to find out.

Players from the US can now sign up for the Pokémon GO field testing. Niantic Labs is opening its doors for US players who want to try the upcoming game later on. The first user test was rolled out in Japan, which resulted in tester-recorded footage uploaded online. This gives fans a glimpse of how the app actually works. Now that field testing has extended to US, more people have an opportunity to use the app in its testing phase.

What will be required from GO field testers?

  • They must have either an iOS or Android device to download and install Pokémon GO.
  • They must keep their game experiences confidential. Makes you wonder how some of the footage made it online, right?

To eliminate leaks, game data will be completely removed multiple times while the test is underway, according to Niantic. It would be prudent for participants to remember this particular requirement.

To register, interested participants have to visit, and sign up for an invitation. It is important to note than a registration is no guarantee that a player will have access to the field test. But it won’t hurt to hope and try.

What would be some of the scenarios included in the Pokémon GO beta testing?

Grassroots network of Pokémon GO trainers Silph Road has revealed a few details.

  • Battle mechanics will have a slight difference from traditional Pokémon battles.
  • Charge attack now only requires two moves from the previous four moves.
  • Players are now in real-time instead of turn-based, which means they can attack at any time or in succession.
  • Battles are now limited to a two minutes, in a bid to keep players from wasting time engaging in a long battle.

What happens in beta testing, however, doesn’t necessarily mean they all make it to the full version. It is best to keep your finger crossed and pray Pokémon GO will be released very soon.