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This week, the Minecraft: WII U Edition will receive a completely free update pack that is meant to celebrate 30 years of Super Mario. In order to do so, Mojang – the makers of Minecraft – and Nintendo – the company that’s responsible for the Super Mario games had to join forces and this is what came out of their partnership: 40 Super Mario themed skins based on the heroes and villains in the games that the players can use for their characters, altered Minecraft world and textures to resemble the Super Mario universe, original Super Mario 64 music. However, the basic Minecraft gameplay doesn’t change.

The result is an ingenious homage paid to the last 30 years of Super Mario and it will probably unify fans of both games on the Minecraft platform, because what diehard Super Mario fan wouldn’t like to build his own Super Mario World?

However, before you build that world, you can explore settings based on Princess Peach’s Castel, or Delfino Plaza among other places, and enjoy Super Mushroom power-ups, Fire Flowers and even 3D monuments of beloved characters.

A lot of credit is due to the efforts of 4J Studio – the devs that made Minecraft for consoles in 2014 – and the Super Mario mash up pack marks the second collaboration between them and Mojang. However, if Minecraft for consoles was a profit-based move, the mash up pack is not. There’s virtually no way of getting revenue from this free update.

Some players and game fans believe that Nintendo should integrate more of its game characters in Minecraft such as Pokemons or creatures from Zelda. However, there is no official word on this matter yet, but representatives of Nintendo have encouraged fans to speak up about what they would like to see in the future and that their suggestions will be taken into consideration.

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