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Less than a year ago during the D23 events in August 2015, game developer Square Enix announced the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date to be in 2016. It sparked a round of speculations and rumors that only grew as the months passed by. Well, who can blame the fans for getting all worked up and excited with the many possibilities shown during the event?

Disney announced that the game will feature characters from The Big Hero 6, while Kingdom Hearts 3’s director Tetsuya Nomura says that the game will have higher quality content compared with older games. Information like that is sure to send imaginations running wild.

The wait is no more, at least for a new trailer. Kingdom Hearts 3 is confirmed for E3 2016, and fans can’t wait to find out which rumors turned out to be true. Time to see the worlds and meet the cast of characters as well. Hopefully, there will be additional characters aside from the series staples Donald, Goofy, Riku, King Mickey and Sora. It dampens our spirit that there won’t be a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 just yet, but the fact that something is in the works provides a soothing balm.

So what is the title all about?

In an interview with Famitsu, Nomura confirmed that they are selecting world’s for the game, which is “the final episode in the Dark Seeker saga that began with original Kingdom Hearts, and it’ll depict the final battle with Xenahort”.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will take off from where Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance left off. The part where Sora and Riku completed their Mark of Mastery exams, with Sora failing to meet the grade as a Keyblade Master.

What can fans look forward to?

Nomura describes the fight scenes to be “pretty frantic…getting even crazier”. From a 3-person parties, NPCs and other characters can join the fight, resulting in exciting and flashy action. Not to be left behind, the enemy AI is made intricate as well for a dynamic balance, with some of them shaped like a vehicle.

If you’re a big fan of Sora – of course you are, there is good reason to celebrate.He can jump on and fly around with the vehicle-shaped foe.

The game is also being developed using Unreal Engine 4 of Epic Games, instead of the Luminous engine. Some people worry that this particular change can cause delays on the date of release. But Square Enix assures fans that Kingdom Hearts 3’s development timeline would not be affected.