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A few days ago, Apple has released a new version for iTunes which comes with design tweaks, as well as several bug fixes. iTunes 12.4 can be downloaded through the Software Update mechanism on Apple’s Mac App Store and it’s launched two months after a minor update, but the major version 12.3 came exactly seven months ago. Unfortunately, there are still many frustrations with the bloated program that haven’t been solved.

Apple made the interface simpler in iTunes 12.4, it reintroduced a sidebar and a revamped media picker, two changes that MacRumors has talked about at the beginning of this month.

There was an issue that caused music stored in iTunes to be deleted, so this update brought safeguards that will protect users. Luckily, there were only a few users affected by this bug and Apple had to come up with “additional safeguards”, as the developers weren’t able to recreate the bug.

iTunes 12.4 offers Back and Forward buttons for easily navigating between Library, Apple Music, iTunes Store and more. Users can easily switch between Music, Movies, TV shows and using Edit, they can choose the only items they want. With the Sidebar, users can view the Library in new ways, and song can be added to Playlists by dragging and dropping them. And favorite views will be shown by clicking the Edit Sidebar. iTunes has also menus, which are easy to use. The View menu can be used to customize the Library, while context menus act on some items.

In parallel, Apple has been working on OS X 10.12, which will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held in June. At this event will be also unveiled iOS 10, which is rumored to come with improvements to Apple Music app. Most likely, OS X 10.12 will introduce new changes to iTunes and will improve Apple’s Music interface.