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With Google’s Play Store April update, users can now add an array of music, TV, movies, games and apps to their download list. The newest update has a number of games people should consider trying:

  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2
  • Nintendo” Miitomo

It’s also got some applications that should be considered like Nike +.

A Look At Miitomo

On April 4, Miitomo took the top spot for the Top Free category of Google Play with more than one million installs. The smart device app even moved past other popular apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Messenger. With more people installing Miitomo, which is a social networking app, it’s popularity is bound to continue.

A Look At Lego Jurassic World

About the time Miitomo was released, Lego included its Lego Jurassic World to Google Play Store. It offers players 20 story levels where they must collect precious amber with dinosaur DNA in them. They can use this DNA to produce their own dinosaur or produce new species with the blending of the DNA. Players can then control these dinosaurs.

The app is available for download for a small fee but there are no in-app purchases.

Removal Of The Taliban App

Of course, the real show-stopping news was when the Pashto Afghan News, a Taliban app, has made its debut onto the Google Play Store. Two days after the launch, it was removed. The app, however, had official statements, video content and an array of material the Islamist group wants to use to increase their numbers using digital channels.

The Taliban app is just one of several Internet platforms the group has tried using to garner online presence. It’s also got a website and uses Facebook and Twitter as well.  Google, Facebook and Twitter constantly ban the group’s accounts and pages but the presence on these sites still remain.

Of course, rumors have circulated on how the Taliban app was able to make it into the Play Store, especially since the company offered a new set of moderation checks that’s been created to catch the offensive apps before going public.

Still, the Google Play Store’s safety, filter and security features are still being used, which includes the following:

  • Password restriction for purchases
  • Widget auto-add control
  • Mature content filters

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