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We all know that Gmail holds the first place when it comes to email, but what is surprising for some is the fact that in the recent years, Outlook has made up for what they have lost. We can even say that today it is a valid competitor for Gmail. But let’s see what each brings to the table.


We have to admit that what Gmail offers is pretty attractive: 15 GB space shared between other Google services, labels, filters and others. With this Google has attracted more than 900 M users. On the other hand, since 2012, Hotmail was incorporated by Outlook. They also offer lots of unique features, such as email rules, Clutter and connection to the Outlook calendar, together with 5 GB of space. Also, they have 400 M users.

Gmail has definitely an advantage over Outlook. The filters they have are really useful, plus, besides that, you can arrange the emails depending on the keywords, sender or size. Moreover, you can apply various labels on messages, which allows you to organize everything exactly as you need it. You also have stars that let you postpone important emails.

Similarly, Outlook also uses folders for organizing, but things get a little more complicated. You have some default folders, but you can also create your own, and you also have the option of pinning some emails at the top of the folders. Moreover, it also has the option Clutter, which gathers all emails you presumably don’t need in a separate folder.

You can also add categories, which resemble pretty much the labels. However, the menu looks kind of complicated, being streamlined, especially if you compare it to the several layouts you can choose for Gmail. However, what matters in the end are your own preferences and needs.