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An upgraded PlayStation 4 console might be announced sometime this year, either at E3 or another time. If the rumors are true, this will be more than a simple design change or different model, and will instead be a major upgrade.

The rumors have given this new version of the PlayStation 4 several names. Some call it the PlayStation 4.5, based on the idea that it is a step up from the PS4 without being a full leap to the next console generation.

Others call it the PlayStation 4K, due to the rumors that it will be able to display images with 4K resolutions.

However, a reported leak from Giant Bomb called it the NEO. NEO is still a code name, but since this leak is the closest thing anyone has to official information about the console upgrade, PlayStation NEO is generally the accepted term for it now.

(Yes, a few people have already begun to refer to it as the PlayStation 4.5K NEO.)

What the PlayStation NEO Is

Note: Since the PlayStation NEO has not been officially announced yet, all of this information should still be classified as rumors. None of this is fact until Sony announces it.

The PlayStation NEO runs on better hardware than the PlayStation 4. According to Giant Bomb, upgrades have been made to the CPU, GPU, and memory.

CPU: The NEO has 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz, compared to the PS4’s 1.6 GHz.
GPU: The NEO has an improved AMD GCN, with 36 CUs at 911 MHz, compared to the PS4’s 18 CUs at 800 MHz.
Memory: The NEO’s 8 GB GDDR5 has a speed of 218 GB/s, compared to the PS4’s 176 GB/s.

Reportedly, the NEO will support 4K image output.

All new PlayStation 4 games will have a “Base Mode” for playing on regular PS4s and a “NEO Mode.” NEO Mode will take advantage of the upgraded hardware, although it won’t be required for them to be 4K native.

Games running in NEO Mode must at least match, if not exceed, the frame rate of games running in Base Mode.

If this information is accurate, NEO Mode will be a requirement for games starting in October.

As a result, it would be included in high-profile games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, and Titanfall 2, along with the many other upcoming PS4 games.

Games released in late September, like Final Fantasy XV, will receive a patch that enables NEO functionality.

This window does not necessarily mean the NEO will be out by October, but it seems reasonable it won’t be too much longer.

What the PlayStation NEO is Not

Note: Again, all of this information comes from a leak about an unannounced product. It could change by the time the upgraded console becomes official.

The PlayStation NEO has caused no end of controversy among current PS4 owners, but it is not intended to replace it on the market.

The NEO is not a PlayStation 5, and it will not make the regular PS4 obsolete for new releases if you aren’t concerned about the improved hardware.

There will be no NEO-exclusive games. NEO-exclusive features and bonuses are not allowed, either.

PS4 and NEO players will not be separated from each other when playing multiplayer games online through PSN.

It will not have its own store, but use the same PlayStation Store used by the PS4.

Finally, the PlayStation NEO is not a diabolical device meant to destroy the PlayStation 4 and/or take over the world. We are absolutely certain there were no mad scientists involved in its development.

When Will the PlayStation NEO Be Announced

If the PlayStation NEO really exists, and there are so many rumors it’s hard to believe Sony wouldn’t have debunked them by now if they completely unfounded, when will it be officially announced?

Until recently, most people believed Sony would unveil it at E3 2016. After all, E3 is the biggest source for video game news and the perfect time to reveal a console.

However, a report from Shinobi602, who is generally regarded as a reliable source of inside information, says the NEO will not be announced at E3 but at Paris Games Week in October, to put it closer to the NEO’s release.

Like all rumors, it can’t be considered a fact yet, but Shinobi602 has a good track record. If he’s right, we have several months to wait yet for concrete PlayStation NEO details.

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