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Adobe Flash Player’s popularity has fallen into negative territory in the past years, because of its security issues that helped hackers take control of devices and to steal precious information from them. This software has been released two decades ago, being required to play video content and games embedded into millions of websites, but because Adobe has fixed all vulnerabilities, in the past years, Flash Player has become the subject of attacks from many known hackers. Soon, Google will stop supporting this controversial player in Chrome web browser, which will be a big loss for Adobe.

Adobe is finding holes in its Flash Player very often and it tries to fix as many vulnerabilities as possible, but the company will never solve all problems, no matter how many updates it rolls out. Soon, HTML5 will take Adobe Flash Player’s place because it’s more stable and many websites switched to it.

Google has already made the switch for its YouTube video-sharing website. The company has turned to HTML5, after having enough of the problems that Flash Player had and still has, and soon, more players will take its example and will discontinue support for Adobe’s troubled software. Google has announced that it will stop supporting Flash Player in Chome, one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Unfortunately, there are many websites that still use this software and they will need to rush things and switch to HTML5 in the near future, otherwise there will be bigger problems with this plugin.

Researchers have found out that this is the most targeted plugin and attackers can easily play with the platform and gain control of devices. One of the easiest ways to make money by taking advantage of Flash’s vulnerabilities is by infecting devices with ransomware and forcing users to pay good money to retrieve their files.

The last update that Adobe has released for Flash Player has fixed the zero-day flaw and 24 critical vulnerabilities.