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There’s an array of information that’s been recently leaked regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, including its features, specs and prices, the release date and the potential for the next Note to be a hybrid (phone/laptop).

Potential Release Date Of Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Based on reports from various reporters of both TechRadar and Forbes, the Note 6 model may be set for release in August. The information is a bit sketchy though as the source comes from Samsung but is remaining anonymous.

When it comes to the European model, the Note 6 model included the SM-N930F – the F is designate of European models. According to the source, there’s not going to be a S7 Edge+.

A China-based leak site Weibo offered a number of model numbers for the Galaxy Note 6 as well as the European numbers.  Some U.S. carrier versions had listed Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, beginning with the SM-N930U_NA, meaning the phones updates will allow for faster and smoother running.

A Korean-based website in March said a release date was set for July with a completed Android N by summertime.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Patently Mobile found a patent for the Note 6, which shows the phablet in a laptop dock that works like a touchpad. It also provides information about the memory and processor. As a tablet, it uses Android. When linked to the laptop, it uses Windows. This means it could be an extremely potent device (16-core processor with eight-gigabytes of RAM). People need to keep in mind that this is just speculation.

There was also a patent on the Galaxy Note Pen, which can be pulled from the older and used to prop the device upright, allowing for better viewing capabilities.

Weibo offered several bits of information on specs such as:

  • 8-inch screen size
  • 6 or 8 GB of RAM
  • Snapdragon 823 Processor
  • Pressure-sensitive screen
  • 25MP camera

Potential Price Of Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Since the Note 6 can work like a phone and laptop and looking at the price of the older Note version ($850), it’s possible the Note 6 will be even pricier.

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