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Everyone loves to play games in their spare time regardless of their age, the only reason some people don’t is because of two reasons:

  • Either they’ve never tried a game before.
  • Or the games they’ve tried just weren’t their type.

Sure there’s the generation gaps here and there, i-e, people who didn’t grow up surrounded by electronics wouldn’t really be interested in playing games but with pretty much everyone owning a smartphone, tablet, a PC or console nowadays, gaming has become one of the most common sources of our daily entertainment.

Smartphones have further allowed us to play games regardless of where we are, instead of having to be near a computer or console, we can now play games on-the-go without having to carry any additional device with us, in a way, smartphones and other handheld devices are slowly taking over the handheld gaming market.

What games like Football Manager Clicker tell us

It’s a game which is definitely not the most famous one out there, yet it tells us quite a lot about the direction in which modern handheld gaming is headed towards, we’ve seen games of all kinds evolve over the years, role-playing games turned into MMO role-playing games, first person shooters have evolved into faster paced variants of themselves, pretty much any new game has to have some sort of multiplayer aspect to become successful.

Then we have games which we like to play on our smartphones, these are completely different from the ones on our consoles and PCs, where console and PC games require you to compete and invest, most modern smartphones offer a wide array of simultaneous game modes, i-e, if you wish to become the best you’re completely allowed to do so and if you wish to simply sit back and relax, you’re allowed to that as well.

Then we have games at the far-ends of this spectrum, Football Manager Clicker or well, Soccer Manager Clicker, is one of these games, it has some pretty nice potential but just isn’t executed in the right manner.

Why most modern mobile games fail

There’s a reason behind the failure of most of these games, it’s not that the developers behind them weren’t talented, the game is free of bugs and glitches, it’s performing its intended functions properly, the game is simply speaking, unfinished.

We can take a look at the flaws of Soccer/Football Manager Clicker, a good game has:

A UI that actually gives you information

The UI for Soccer/Football Manager Clicker doesn’t tell you what’s going on.

  • The “Players” tab won’t tell you what the yellow shiny button next to the player’s name is unless you press it a bunch of time and see the numbers go up.
    • P.S. We aren’t actually told what the numbers do either.
  • You’re not given any information about why exactly you’re losing your matches. While we’re on the losing matches, why on Earth are we losing the tutorial match when we just started learning the game?
    Not to say that losing shouldn’t be a part of the learning process, just saying that if you’re going to make us lose, teach us how to win within the next couple of minutes.
    Doesn’t the standard process include these steps.

    1. Teach the players the basics
    2. Teach the players how to win
    3. Throw harder opponents at the players.
    4. If the player wins against the harder opponent, good job, go back to step 3, if the player loses against the harder opponent, teach them about losing and what they need to do to win.
  • The “Tactics” tab is just as vague as any other.
  • Going from the far right menu to the far left menu makes you go through every other in-between. Just why?

Advertisements that don’t interrupt your game

Many other games offer in-game currency for viewing advertisements but only after a confirmation, this is the most important part of casual gaming, when I sit down at the end of a hard day, the last thing I want to do is be reminded of an even better game out there, possibly one which doesn’t interfere with my gaming sessions. (Clash of Kings advertisements while playing Soccer/Football Manager Clicker)

Quite a lot of other stuff

It takes great developers to make a game free of bugs and glitches but it takes actual players to play the game and give an honest opinion about it, this is why companies pay people to play-test games, the game could have been great and quite possibly, it could be, re-modeled, re-textured and re-released to be one of the most famous games out there, however unlikely that may seem, it is quite possible.

Why does the back button NOT take close the game?!

How has your experience been while trying out new games? Do share it with us in the comments down below.