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The Grand Theft Auto 5 game has been released for quite a while and fans of the series are already wondering when the Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released. Unfortunately, Rockstar, the developer of the upcoming GTA installment, hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors, which means that we should take them with a bit of salt, as they might prove to be just hoaxes.

First of all, you should know that new rumors suggest that the GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2020, the year when the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 consoles are expected to be released and analysts believe that this game will be the first one launched for the two consoles. Some previous rumors said that the GTA 6 will have the biggest map ever, which will bring together all maps from the previous titles.

New rumors suggest that the GTA 6 will actually be settled in Boston, as the skyscrapers, slums, suburbs and landscape will make the game to look awesome. Unfortunately, the problem with Boston is that it is too “crime-free”, which means that this could be quite bad for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

We agree that, in reality, this is great news, but this might make a real problem for a game that relies on heists. As you all know, in GTA you can steal cars, rob banks and shoot people and this means that the game will need to be located in a city where the criminality is average or high.

The GTA 6 might also feature the first female protagonist ever and that Eva Mendes will use her voice for this character. At the same time, her real-life partner, actor Ryan Gosling, will be the voice of one of the male characters.

Do you think that the GTA 6 will be released before 2020? Tell us your thoughts about this upcoming game!