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Recent rumors have stated that there is a GTA 5 update coming soon for the PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One platforms which will be followed by many more updates.

People started speculating as soon as Rockstar – the company responsible for the GTA franchise – stated that they will be using fan feedback to improve the gameplay in GTA 5 Online.

Some players have suggested that there will be two new updated released very soon that will expand the multiplayer aspects, will allow fans to build new content and will also have something to do with the game’s freemode, but it’s not clear what.

It’s speculated that the updates will enable the players to use their Organizations for other purposes than protection, like contraband trafficking. Furthermore, they will also be able to run these activities from new properties, make pickups, prepare for raids, buy and sell stuff, basically manage the inventory more efficiently.

On top of all this, the ability to make awesome stunts will also be included along with stunt ready vehicles, specific gear, props for the Creator Tool and many other fun and exciting features that will improve the gameplay.

However, nothing is known for sure at this point, it’s all just fan speculation based on suggestions they have made on various platforms to improve the game. But we probably won’t have to wait too long for an answer as Rockstar has said that there will be more news and statement very soon that will reveal more about the upcoming summer GTA 5 Online updates.

In the meantime, players can enjoy the rest of the Combat week that’s taking place right now in GTA 5 Online according to this schedule:

From May 16th – 17th – there’s Till death do us part II, Come out and play and Cross the line I.

From May 18th – 19th – there’s Siege Mentality I, Extraction V and Beast versus Slasher IV.