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Rockstar is reportedly developing GTA 6, which will not arrive earlier than 2018-2020. In parallel, the company will continue to improve its current GTA 5, especially the open world online multiplayer version, which is updated regularly.

The new GTA 5 Combat Week has started on May 13th with Double GTA$ & RP Playlist until May 15th, and during this time, users had access to new In and Out IV, V and VI maps. Yesterday, players took advantage of Double RP Playlist for the following modes: Cross The Line I, Come Out To Play V and Till Death Do Us Part II, and this offer will end today. From tomorrow through to Thursday May 19th, Double RP Playlist will continue for Extraction V, Beast vs Slasher IV and Siege Mentality I.

Also, players will get 25% discounts on Warstock vehicles, including the Buckingham Valkyrie, the Rhino and Turreted Limo. Moreover, there’s a massive 50% discount on all Merryweather services, including Backup from a Helicopter, Pickups via sea and air, targeted Airstrikes and Ammo Drops. Players can do a lot of damage if they’re armed and now they have big discounts from Ammu-nation: all Rifles, Snipers, Projectiles and Ammo are 25% discounted, while Body Armor is 50% discounted.

The latest rumors are suggesting that Rockstar will continue to manage GTA 5 Online until its popularity will decrease and then GTA 6 will come into action. In our opinion, these are exaggerations and we suggest you to take all rumors with a bit of salt.

Rockstar is a big company and doesn’t need too many developers to create new content for GTA 5 Online. Currently, GTA 6 is under development, but there are few details known about the next installment, and none of the rumored features have been confirmed by the company. If they will turn to be true, then we’ll get a new map and a female protagonist.