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Months ago, Google has added VR support to its YouTube for Android and now, this feature has been expanded to iOS users. Google has just updated iOS YouTube, which comes with Cardboard support and users can watch videos in virtual reality by selecting the Cardboard icon.

Virtual reality is highly promoted and it starts to be integrated into all kinds of applications and services. And now, YouTube users who installed this application on their iOS devices can watch videos with Google Cardboard, a simple viewer that costs $15-$25 and can be purchased from Google’s website. You can place a smartphone into the back of it and view 360-degree VR content through the lenses in the front.

The guys from 9 to 5 Google have tested the website’s YouTube channel and watched a standard video in VR mode in Cardboard mode, being happy with the clarity of the video, so this feature should work without any problems on any iPhone that has YouTube version 11.18 installed on it.

Users can access the feature by tapping the screen in order to bring up the menu options and selecting the new Cardboard button that is located in the same place as quality controls, caption toggles and issue reporting. When tapping the Cardboard button, the video will be split into half and with the Google Cardboard viewer, users can experience the awesome new VR feature. The iPhone will be placed inside the Google Cardboard and the video will be put in Cardboard mode, otherwise it won’t work. Also, to return to default viewer mode, users will just tap again.

The new YouTube version 11.18 is available on iTunes and can be downloaded for free. The video-sharing website was released in February 2005, but in November 2006, Google bout it for $1.65. Everyone is eligible to create an account, upload an unlimited number of videos and comment on other users’ videos.