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We have some good news for the Fallout 4 fans that play this awesome game on their Xbox One console. Bethesda has just announced that the owners of these consoles can now sign up for a Fallout 4 MODS BETA test that will be release soon.

The Fallout 4 MODS is also expected to be released for the PlayStation 4, but for now, this option will be tested on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Gamers who want to test out the Fallout 4 MODS on their Xbox One consoles, can head to, log into their accounts and then the sign up page will ask for information such as your gamer tag and other details regarding the status in “Fallout 4”. With other words, only those who own the game and play it will have the possibility to get invited to the BETA testing.

According to reports, the Fallout 4 BETA testing will start after the game will receive the third downloadable content (DLC), Far Harbor, which is accepted to be released on May 19, 2016. It is not sure when the Fallout 4 MODS BETA will be released for PlayStation 4, but rumors say that this will most likely happen sometime next month.

It is good to know that NVIDIA is now holding a contest for Fallout 4 modders. Interested fans who create MODS are invited to submit one for the following categories: Data, Map, Inventory and Status.

We remind you that the Fallout 4: PC version has also received the “Creation Kit”, which the gamers can use to create mods. After uploading the MOD on Bethesda’s website, the contestants will need to fill a form on

There will be 5 finalists for each category of the mods we have mentioned above and they will receive a Bethesda gift bag and a GeForce GTX graphics procession unit (GPU). After that, a winner will be selected for each of the four categories who will win 5000 dollars, a Bethesda gift bag and a GeForce GTX GPU. The best MOD will take home a prize of 10.00 dollars, a “Fallout 4” custom computer and engineering support from NVIDIA.

You can submit a mod for this contest until July 3, 2016 and the voting will open on July 11, 2016.