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Developed by the same team who gave us Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is believed to be the next billion-dollar game. It may not reach the billion-dollar revenue within the year, but it will get there.After all, it has the same satisfying and enthralling effect on anyone who plays the game. Is it addictive? Yes. So it’s only a matter of time before downloads would increase significantly.

So what’s the latest on The Clash Royale update?

Set to be introduced come May 18, there will be balance changes in Clash Royale.

  • Damage inflicted by the Royal Giant will be decreased by 4%. This aims to rein him in, without taking away much of his power.
  • Freeze duration is decreased by 1 second. When combined with Hog, the damage can be devastating. This is why game developers are making changes to see how Freeze would affect the entire gameplay.
  • Elixir cost, hit points and lifetime balance will be decreased to 4, 14% and 40 seconds, respectively, in a bid to increase use rate for Furnace.
  • The amount of damage that Fire Spirits can inflict on one area will be increased, making them more reliable.
  • Hit points and damage inflicted by Guards will be increased by 8%.This is one way to turn them into ruthless guards.
  • Hit points of the Miner will be increased by 6% in a bid to put him in a great spot in the Arena. Although the Miner is in pretty good shape, people have yet to figure out how to best use him in the game. An increase in hit points would definitely help.
  • Hit point of the Lava Hound and LavaPups will be increased by 3% and 9%, respectively. This aims to make the Lava Hound, in particular, more impressive, and to boost its reputation as an excellent choice of character.
  • Hit points of the Elixir Collector will be decreased by 9% in a bid to lower its use rate, and encourage players to use other characters in Clash Royale.
  • Hit points of the Knight will be increased by 10% to ensure balance with his simple functionality. This kills two birds with one stone –increase his overall use rate, and give players another snazzy character to use.
  • Hit points of the Bomber will be increased by 10% to help him compete at the top spot. This should change his reputation from a basic troop to an invaluable one.

With other balance changes set for May 18, and the rate of the chests reduced, Clash Royale would make a great mobile game to start with.