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When people purchase an Android device, most come installed with the Google Play application, which is an integral part of the Android OS. Without it, users can’t use a number of applications that Google provides and check out the paid content offered on Android devices.

The Google Play app is responsible for giving users the product they want whether it’s a big transaction or something small. Google Play begins the downloading process and will install it without it bothering the user.

How To Download The Google Play Store App

If a user’s device has another kind of app store on the phone, changing a setting or two will allow users to install the Google Play app on their Android device. The first thing they need to do for the installation is to provide the Android OS permission to install apps from unidentified sources. This is a feature that is locked with Apple’s iOS devices; a big reason people will jailbreak their phones.

In order for this to happen, users will need to go into their Android phone’s settings. In the sub-menu in the Security tab, they need to find “Unknown Sources” and enable it. This will remove any restrictions for the application installation. Users are advised to install only from reputable sources to stay safe from malevolent software.

In order for a phone have unknown sources’ apps installed, users must download the APK Google Play file, which is a compressed zip file.

What Makes Google Play So Worthwhile?

The application is responsible for a number of other applications, and is a great way to deliver updates for many other applications whenever there is one available for downloading. Users need to remember that automatic updates are an integral part of modern software.


Today’s software is a bit complicated – there are always bugs, susceptibilities and anomalies to contend with. With updates, an app can be made better. Games may include new stages for game players to check out. Applications may get the fix they need for a security problem. It doesn’t really matter why updates are created, only that they’re a necessity. On top of that, many will stop working until the latest version has been downloaded and installed.
If a user doesn’t have Google Play on their Android device, they’ll need to manually download the APK files for each application whenever updates are releases. From then, they’ll need to physically install that update.