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At the beginning of this month, Viber has released version 6.0 for Windows 10 Mobile and the first beta was available to users via the Windows Store. Now, the same application can be installed on Windows PCs and tablets, and it’s also in beta form, but it has the same features as the desktop application.

Viber 6.0 beta for Windows 10 Mobile brought some changes, as users can choose a different background for the selection screen and public chat support, but other features are missing, such as hidden chats, video calls and encryption. However, compared to the Windows Phone 8.1 version, it has faster start-up speed and the controls are located on the bottom of the screen, giving users the possibility to surf through menus with one hand.

When it comes to the beta version of Viber for Windows 10 (PCs and tablets), users can find it on the Windows Store as well, but it won’t work if it will be downloaded on a non-beta enabled account.

This is very disappointing for users who have been waiting for the version for Windows 10 since last year, because they were expecting the final form of the application, but the beta version, but it’s still good than nothing.

Viber has the following features for PCs:

– End-to-end encryption;
– Video chats;
– Sync between phone and PC;
– Hold & Talk – instant voice messages;
– Voice calls with HD sound quality;
– Live Tiles;
– Lock screen notifications;
– Pin chats to the home screen;
– Download stickers from the Sticker Market and use them in chats;
– Send location and photos;
– In background gallery can be found chat backgrounds.

Viber was released in December 2010 and it’s one of the few application that offer VoIP calls – to landline and mobile numbers, using the Viber Out service.