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Nintendo and Sony are two of the biggest video game consoles creators and soon, they will unveil their new products, the Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4.5. Rumors say that they will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show, which will take place on September 15, but the two companies haven’t confirmed if they will participate at this event and present their new consoles.

Sony hasn’t even admitted that the PlayStation 4.5 exists, but according to a VR World report, it will have a much more advanced GPU and memory clocked at higher speeds.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo’s next Legend of Zelda game will be released for both the Wii U and NX, so there are plenty reasons to wait to for its launch. It isn’t known how much the Nintendo NX console will cost, but it is known that the company produced only affordable hardware so far, because the yen was strong.

However, the CEO of the company, Tatsumi Kimishima, doesn’t think the situation will repeat itself, so the NX will not be as cheap as the previous releases. It is believed that its price tag will be somewhere between $350 and $400, while other rumors suggest that Nintendo would accept a very low price of $299.

The NX will be an innovative console, which will support 4K video video streaming at 60 fps, while games will be played in 1080p, but it’s not sure if they will be stretched to 60 fps. The console could be powered by an AMD SoC (x86 APU) and the games that will be available at its launch, and which have been confirmed, are: Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI.

PlayStation 4.5

There are many leaks about this next console and they suggest that Sony will go 4K. In addition, the South Korean company will focus on virtual reality and will integrate this capability into the PlayStation 4.5. This means that gamers will have an amazing VR experience while playing their favorite games on this console.

So far, Sony has invested in streaming and there are many interesting PlayStation Now games to try out, but the PS 4.5 console will support AAA current generation titles.